Welcome to CyberLife Eternal, Give the greatest gift of all "ETERNAL LIFE" through the CyberLife Eternal Foundation.

Recording the lives of mankind for posterity, forever, via the Internet
CyberLife EternalTM Foundation
Give the greatest gift of all ETERNAL LIFE through CyberLife Eternal.
That's your great-great grandpa, Dad?

He looks just like you!

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Our Mission Statement

CyberLife Eternal is a non-profit foundation dedicated to the perpetual maintenance of the "Library of Life". The Library of Life is an eternal resting place for life, not death. We are committed to helping people preserve their heritage by maintaining, via the Internet the biographies of men and women of the world that may never be found in encyclopedias. It is our belief that this technological medium of the Internet may preserve the wisdom and achievements of the common people of the world for all mankind, including their descendents, to access free of charge for generations to come.

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A Time for Reflection...

Give a wonderful gift to the bereaved of a departed friend!......
When the flowers have gone CyberLife lives on!

CyberLife!....What a great way to say, "I love you Grandpa"!CyberLife says... Remember Me!
CyberLife!... Where memories NEVER FADE!

CyberLife!.... The safest place to keep your greatest family treasures!
Preserve your family for your children's children!
CyberLife!....where a "Family Tree" can grow forever!

Our mortal lives must end....but our thoughts, beliefs, dreams and accomplishments may live forever in the Library of Life!