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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What guarantee do I have that my biography will be preserved for the life of the Internet?
As a Non-profit Corporation, CyberLife Eternal Foundation is able to establish an Endowment in which all of the donations are deposited. These funds will continue to grow over the years at the same time they are accruing interest. These funds can only be used for the perpetual maintenance of the Library of Life, thus insuring it's perpetuity. Furthermore, CyberLife Eternal Foundation maintains two additional storage facilities within the Continental United States where copies of all the biographies in the Library of Life will be stored in the event of a natural disaster or mainframe failure at our primary location.

2. What will CyberLife Eternal charge my descendents to access the biographies?
Nothing! That's right! After your initial donation there is "no charge" by CyberLife Eternal to access the biographies. Normal Internet access fees may apply, however most schools and libraries now provide that service for free.

3. Can I update or amend my biography once it is in the Library of Life and on the Internet?
Yes. You may amend the biography up to 3 times within a five year period within your original packages parameters for only$25.00 with additional charges for additional pictures, audio, or video.

4. How long will it take to get my biography on the Internet?
Your biography will be available for access in the Library of Life on the Internet within 72 hours of receipt of the signed, authorized final draft by the CyberLife Eternal Foundation.

5. How do I get a biography into the Library of Life?
The CyberLife Eternal Foundation will provide you with a "Biography Kit" complete with sample biographies and easy to follow steps to assist you in the preparation of your biography.

6. Who can access these biographies?
The Library of Life is a public library and is accessible to anyone and everyone via the Internet. It is the reason that the CyberLife Eternal Foundation will not allow the use of Social Security numbers, bankcard numbers, military ID numbers, or any other instituional identification numbers to be used in the biographies or search vehicles used by the Library of Life.

7. How can I find a specific biography in the Library of Life?
The CyberLife Eternal Foundation uses one of the most modern and technologically advanced search vehicles available on the Internet to make it easy for your descendants to locate the biography of their choice within seconds. Each individual biography may be searched either by name, date of birth, place of birth, place of death, country of origin, occupation, hobbies, favorite sayings, relationships, or any other key words that you the applicant may choose. This process insures accessibility to your biography by your descendants and all mankind for generations because, even if your great, great, great grandchildren do not know your date of birth, they may well know what country or city you were born in or what you did for a living or the names of you children,etc..