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Barry Jackson Jr

Barry was born on an icy morning in November 1984 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Barry is in the seventh grade of a combined sixth/seventh grade Alternative Education Class at Noble School in the Berryessa School District. He studied Tae Kwan Do for a number of years. He won numerous trophies and medals in sparring and forms competitions. He has always been a water child. He took his first swimming class when he was less than a year old. He has always loved the water. He's been on swim teams for the past 4 years, currently with the Milpitas Tidal Waves. Other organized activities include Golfing, he's a member of the Santa Clara Junior Golf Team. He's very close to breaking 50 for 9 holes. Barry also enjoys sking. Last winter he attacked the slopes at Squaw and Kirkwood repeatedly, He and some of his friends got to ski without the burden of parents a couple of tiems this year. The picture to the left shows Barry and his brother Jamescreig.

This summer Barry is attending a Summer Music Institute. He will work on his trumpet and also learn the Keyboard. He will also take classes in Drama and Choir. A number of his friends will also be attending to ensure that the potential for getting into trouble is always there. With four hours of his day accounted for there, he will try to squeeze in 2 hours of swim practice and also attempt to hit a lot of golf balls and play at least twice a week. The swim practice is important, after suffering in the dark and cold of January and February BJ intends to enjoy every moment of swim during July and August.

Barry's Special Buddies Include:

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