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Lola Walker

This is a picture of Lola, my wife, BJ, my youngest son, and me at Club Med in St Lucia. We had just won a prize for building the best sand castle in a sand castle building competition. Lola is studying at San Jose State University to become a teacher. She just graduated with a BA degree in Social Sciences - History from San Jose State University, She will begin working on her teaching credential in the fall, another 18 months. Luckily she loves school.

She spends a great deal of time in BJ's classroom helping out. He's in an alternative education class that expects a great deal of parental participation, so her participation is expected and appreciated. She spent a lot of time this past year helping out teaching math. Her and the teacher, Mr. Hagan, also developed a module called Life Simulation. This simulation allows the students to experience life and learn life lessons. Some of the things they've done are: develop budgets, choose careers, choose colleges and majors, develop budgets for college, visited a class in their chosen major at San Jose State.

Outside of school Lola is interested in Women's Issues, multiculuralism & diversity issues, especially issues involving children of color. She also enjoys flims. Her tastes tend towards foreign subtitled films.
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