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Terry Crane - - - Born June 25, 1949 - Died December 31, 1994

Terry Crane was born in Livermore California on June 25, 1949. After graduation from Granada High School in Livermore he joined the United States Marine Corps. Serving in the controversial Vietnam War he appeared in National Geographic Magazine and was honorably discharged in 1971. Taking employment with Beneficial Finance Co. he began his corporate career. He quickly rocketed from collection clerk to the management level in record time, winning every award in route. Attaining the level of regional supervisor in 1978 he continued with Beneficial until 1980 when he opened his own Mortgage Loan Company with his good friend Larry Tucker. Together they built a very successful business and in March of 1980 Terry took over as sole owner and incorporated the company as Western Colonial Funding which soon became the oldest and most reputable mortgage firm in the Livermore Valley. He also became co-owner of the real estate firm Realty World Wine Country with Gib Souza.

Since 1903 the Crane family has been contributing to growth and change in the California Livermore Valley. Terry’s great, great- grandfather converted a bicycle shop on Livermore Avenue into an automobile agency when Henry Ford invented the car. As a life long resident of Livermore he had a vision of his home town becoming a tourist attraction. A place in the East Bay where people would come to play some of the great golf courses and visit the many local wineries. He supported the development of the Target/Mervyns shopping center so people who lived in Livermore would shop in Livermore, thus encouraging its’ continued growth. In 1993, Terry Crane was elected the president of the Livermore Chamber of Commerce. This was just one of many posts he held during his years in the community. He was president of the Rotary Club of the Livermore Valley and sat on the Board of Directors of both the Livermore Main Street Association and the Valley Care Hospital. He was president of the South Livermore Business Owners’ Association and director of both the Association of Mortgage Brokers and East Bay Association of Homeowners. In all these organizations he went out of his way to encourage people, with different opinions than his, to serve on their boards.

His hobbies were golf, softball, magic, and collecting baseball memorabilia. His friends described him as one of the most humorous persons they ever knew. A very giving man who always viewed the proverbial cup as being half full, not half empty. He was notorious for bringing to surface that silver lining behind each cloud. His motto was Carpe Diem, live for the day. He exemplified his belief in that motto with his incredible love and lust for life. He believed that if you loved and lived life to the fullest and did your best not to hurt anyone along the way, you’d have a good chance of attaining Heaven.

Terry was married to Darlene on July 24, 1971. He fathered his first son, David on December 6, 1973 and his second son Douglas on February 11, 1978. He loved his wife and sons more than anything on earth. Even after his divorce he shared with his best friends Walt Bennett and Larry Tucker that Darlene was his one and only Soul Mate and always would be. He would be the first to criticize himself. He was not infallible. In fact he was very humble when it came to admitting mistakes in his life. He loved his boys the same and did the best he could to be father and friend to them.

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